13 Shower Thoughts That Had Us Briefly Re-evaluate life

by Jyo

It’s no secret that the greatest thoughts of our time have occurred in the Shower.

So, Archimedes? He ran out of his tub, in his birthday suit, yelling “Eureka!” across the streets of Greece because, well, he had a shower thought. That shower thought was the Archimedes Principle.

Now my shower thoughts are so not at that level. But they have to do with VERY IMPORTANT subject matter, like Doritos. So here goes.

1. Why are Doritos Triangles?
Someone not a fan of squares or circles? Were they trying to be like Bugles? What’s with the geometry bias?


2. Why is the cupcake store next to the gym? Actually why is the gym next to the cupcake store?
Why you do me wrong. #wicked

Don't hold back

3. I wonder how many people have saved the world, without realizing it.
One “D-Oh!” at a time.

Six Pack

4. If you celebrate multiple cultures’ new years (like Chinese New Year etc.), you can keep rolling over your “new year resolutions” without ever breaking them.
Because “next year, it’ll be different”. #winning


5. What if Phobias are a result of how you died in a past life?


6. If you want a six pack, you can’t have a six pack
Sniff, sniff. Who needs abs anyways.


7. A Kangaroo is pretty much a T-Rex deer.
I confess I saw this online once. The quote I mean, not the T-Rex deer part.


8. Is it possible to love someone you’ve never even met?
On a side note, I have loved cupcakes I never even knew existed.


9. If you’re waiting for the waiter….then in that moment, you have become the waiter.
Take a deep breath, Keanu.


10. If Adam & Eve were the first man and woman, why do they have bellybuttons?
Please someone explain.

deep thinking

11. It’s difficult to make things easy, but easy to make things difficult.
C’est la vie, my friends.


12. Why don’t horror movies have a blooper reel?
We’d all sleep so much better….Looking at you ‘Paranormal activity’ & ‘The Ring’.

freaky shit

13. What if our pets name us, the way we name them?
“I’m naming my human, Mr. Cuddles”


So there you have it folks, 15 utterly useless, yet profound-feeling revelations. These are not even random pieces of trivia, that someday may help you win Jeopardy. But it just may inspire you to embrace the sanctity of your shower thoughts. Good luck here, future Archimedes.

You’re welcome. 😛

photo credit: Smug Self Portrait via photopin (license)

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