Shakshouka | Mediterranean Poached Eggs

by Jyo

Eggs are perfectly versatile, whether scrambled, fried, poached, or as omelettes. What I learnt however, is how divine eggs truly are, when baked in a ragout of crushed tomatoes, hot peppers, garlic & paprika.

I discovered this at Tatte Bakery, a little brunch gem in Cambridge, Boston. Shout out to our buddies Pikki & Arvind who took us there for Tatte’s signature dish, Shakshouka with Feta. Shakshouka, means ‘mixture’, popular in Morocco, Algeria & Israel for breakfast & dinner. If you happen to be in Cambridge, Boston, this awesome post from Yin & Yolk, is a great review of Tatte Bakery.

The real reason for my order, was the bombastic & downright terrific name: Shakshouka. I imagine if Beyonce had a twin sister, she would be named Shakshouka. If I had an alter-ego stage name, like you know, Beyonce’s ‘Sasha Fierce’ or Shakira, mine just might be Shakshouka. Jyo by day, Shakshouka by brunch. I can roll with that!

As you can see, I had no choice but to order this party on wheels dish with the enticing name!

It was MAGNIFICENT. Oozing with rich, succulent tomato sauce & gooey melted Feta caressing eggs with runny yolks baked to perfection. (Great food inspires poetry for me.) With wafts of fresh parsley, oregano & garlic inviting you for a liberating yet addictive food experience. Nothing could have prepared me for that moment. #Stupefied. (I should stop this nasty habit I picked up of using hashtags to make my point. #millenialproblems)


Since then, I’ve made several variations of Shakshouka at home, and I think I’ve finally got it! Try it out and let me know what you think. If you make this recipe, I’d love to see your pictures! Share your creations with #findmymojyo on Instagram to be featured on our stories!

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