How to make Pesto with Roasted Almonds

by Jyo

Pasta. It’s the Italian word for ‘HEAVEN’.
Ok, I totally made that up. NUTELLA is the correct Italian word for HEAVEN.

Now that we’ve set the record straight, let me tell you about this divine recipe on home-made pesto. Traditional Pesto recipes call for pine nuts. But have you seen how much pine nuts cost??

$7.80 for an 8 oz. bag — and that’s considered a deal. Uhh, how will I be paying for that? Move over, cash or credit, how about an arm or a leg?? Too much for my vegetarian soul.

Well folks, I can happily report I found a solution. I ran out of pine nuts (yes, paid an arm & leg and am limping a little…), already had a pot of pasta boiling away with basil & garlic in the food processor. Uh oh, what to do? Don’t panic, woman, I told myself…and my eyes settled on an oblivous pack of sliced almonds.

What happens When I'm HOME ALONE.

The pesto turned out great! It was nutty, herbal, garlicky perfection. It also worked wonderfully as a spread on sandwiches, crackers, and even toast. You can add it on any pasta to make a pasta salad for lunch or as a quick & filling hot dinner.

Pine nuts, you shall haunt me no more in the grocery aisle.

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