Papaya Ginger Detox Smoothie

by Jyo

Looking for a healthy smoothie that packs a load of antioxidants, tastes delicious and makes you feel less guilty over all those french fries you meant to share…but… didn’t?

I feel you.

Let’s just say I ordered a whole batch of French fries over dinner with friends, and I, very bravely, took one for the team. A carb bomb that is. (You’re welcome, homies!). Enter this Papaya smoothie, I can testify it’s the perfect cure for a greasy, fried hangover.

If you’re looking for a smoothie that is:

easy to make (10 mins!)

..then this just might do the trick! If you make this recipe, I’d love to see your pictures & hear from you! Tag us on instagram with #findmymojyo to be featured in our Instagram stories.

papaya ginger smoothie

Just maybe, healthy food can be just as delicious & satisfying as fried deliciousness.

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