by Jyo

Hi, I’m Jyo & Welcome to Find My MoJyo!

This blog is dedicated to you, dear reader, and everything you do, in your pursuit of finding your happy place.
It’s a call to find your inspiration, through travel, adventure & global vegetarian cuisine.

Mojo, to me is your Inner Shine. It’s what moves you, wakes you up and leaves you charged as you go through the day. It picks you up in inelegant circumstances and makes you want to be a better person. Finding your Mojo to me, is about connecting with yourself and shining, through the discovery of things that make you feel like this:

Things that light my Mojo are:

Exploring new places

Growing up in 5 different countries, meant learning about different ways of life across the globe. I learnt that no matter the culture or country, we are more alike than we are different. We live in such an incredible, big, beautiful world!

Explore tips, guides, stories & itineraries to find Mojo through different cultures & countries in Destinations. As seen on Treaded Travel. Named a top 17 Instagram account to follow, by The Wanderer’s Chronicles.

Discovering great food

Food has a way of bringing people together & spurring great memories.  World Vegetarian Food is a showcase for tried + tested, delectable finds to get your Mojo rolling. Yes food has me feeling all kinds of things. All recipes are vegetarian & have been featured on Food Gawker, Tastespotting, Yumgoggle, Finding Vegan, Dishfolio & Healthy Aperture.

Creating word & visual stories

Writing, photography & laughing over the silly stuff are where I find inspiration.
Check out photo essays, my portfolio & fun stories.

As I share my journey here, I want to hear your stories of things you’re trying & doing to discover your Mojo. Let’s eat, travel, adventure on & make it happen.

Let’s go find that Mojo.


Nutella Worshipper. Dad-Jokes aficionado. Never passes up the chance to embarrass self on the dance floor (never!). Absolute sucker for baby elephants.