Kale & White Bean Artichoke Dip with Wine

by Jyo

Contrary to popular belief, not all Californians like Kale.
Some of us think it’s as dreadful as Lettuce, and about as exciting as Zune (I’m looking at you Microsoft! No one cared about Zune, okay! I know you tried, but iPods were just the best.)

While contemplating my unhealthy obsession with healthful Kale, I came across this recipe from Food & Wine magazine, which recommended adding wine to sautéed Kale.

WINE & KALE! What a genius idea!!

It was delicious! With cannelini beans, hot pepper flakes, artichoke & wine oh my it was heaven. And just like that, Kale was more relevant than Zune.

To get the creamy texture, sans cream cheese or cream I used Tahini. This humble Mediterranean sesame sauce is how Hummus gets its creaminess! The dip was creamy, thick, salty with a kick, oh-so-flavorful and the wilted, wine drenched Kale totally passed for Spinach.

This. Californian.Is.Literally.Drunk.On.Kale.

You won’t catch me wine-ing about this recipe 😛 (I couldn’t resist, that pun was calling my name!)

If you make this recipe, I’d love to see your creations – tag us on Instagram with #findmymojyo to be featured on our stories!

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