5 Reasons Why Arches National Park Will Blow Your Mind

by Jyo

What if I told you, you can see gravity defying arches, rugged landscapes with contrasting colors & boundless night skies strewn with the Milky Way — in the middle of an arid desert? Well, such a place exists! Arches National Park in Moab, Utah, defies all expectations of extraordinary sights.

Arches National Park is considered one of Utah’s five national park wonders. With over 2,000 natural sandstones to see, you can drive through the park or bike or hike in it. Regardless of your mode of exploration, the other worldly beauty & grace of these Arches is bound to be etched in your memories. I’d like to share with you a few of the many wonders I witnessed here, that really stood out for me. Pun intended 😛

5 reasons why Arches National Park will blow your mind

La Sal Mountains ViewPoint

Take in the 360 degree view as you begin your drive through the park — the whole place looks like it’s out of a Western movie!

Balancing rocks

You can walk right up to and in between these rocks as you take in how massive they really are! It’s quite the wonder that such a huge boulder, quite literally balances on its counterpart below.

The Windows

These were some of my favorite sections of the park, featuring the largest arches in the park: North Window, South Window, Turret Arch and Double Arch. There are small hikes around the area (less than 1 mile), it’s kid-friendly and not as steep, so suitable for all fitness levels. Most importantly, you can take goofy selfies like these…. how does one resist such an opportunity?

Delicate Arch

Arguably, the most beautiful arch in the entire park, part of the fun is in getting to this beautiful place. There is an easy trail, which will get you to a scenic viewpoint where you can see the arch. The other option is a 3 mile, steep hike, which takes about 2.5 hours — this is well worth the effort, as you can walk right up to the rock face and peer over the ledge. It’s an other worldly experience, traversing through red rocks, blue sky and mountains, before getting to stand in front of Delicate Arch. The path to delicate arch, it seems is not as delicate, and I’m just fine with that 🙂

Corona arch

If delicate arch was the most beautiful arch in the park, Corona Arch was the most fun & dramatic hike! Also a 3 mile hike, leading through Bowtie Arch, this is a moderate hike but kid friendly. The sandstone faces & contrasting colors are stunning & so fascinating. Take a look at these sights on our way to Corona Arch:

Helpful Resources to Plan Your Trip:

If you’re looking for your next road trip, nature inspiration or just plain want to be blown away, Arches National Park in Utah is where you’re sure to find your Mojo.

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