11 Reasons Why You’ll Fall in Love with Geiranger, Norway

by Jyo

Got Wanderlust Mojo on your mind? Us too, All-the-time.

While there are no dearth of beautiful towns in Europe — if you’re looking for awe-inspiring, diverse scenery, jaw-dropping cliff views, mind blowing waterfalls, on a tiny hilltop town with a populous yet serene feel…look no farther than Geirangerfjord, Norway’s prettiest fjord. Unesco agrees, and has deemed this fjord, along with Naeroyfjord, Unesco-heritage sites.

Here are 11 reasons why you’ll definitely fall in love with Geiranger (& for sure find some Mojo):

1. The unforgettable ferry ride from Hellesylt to Geiranger

Geiranger is tucked deep in the heart of Geirangerfjord; the journey here is long — whether via bus, car, boat or plane. After a ton of research, we took the last ferry of the day from Hellesylt to Geiranger, when the crowds & tourists were the least. Little did we know, what a fairytale view awaited us: on emerald-green waters, with the impressive Seven Sisters & Bridal Veil Falls.

hellesylt to geiranger ferry
hellesylt geiranger
Seven Sisters Falls Geiranger

2. The ridiculously cute town: with a busy tourist center at the bottom of the hill & remote hikes with mind boggling vistas, farmhouses & winding roads at hilltop.

Though a busy port town, it does little to diminish the beauty of the place. I highly recommend the hikes to Westerås farm or Losta, you can choose the level of intensity & your starting point at the bottom of the hill or from the hilltop by Hotel Union Geiranger.

Geiranger fjord center

3. Fydalsjuvet Viewpoint

Iconic vistapoint featured on all Geiranger postcards. Look Ma, no hands!

flydalsjuvet geiranger

4. Exhilarating downhill Biking

You can rent electric bikes from the tourist center & bike up to Fydalsjuvet & then bike downhill. If feeling more adventurous, Geiranger Adventure drives you upto Djupvasshytta (try saying that fast X3) for a stupendously scenic downhill bike ride.

biking geiranger

5. Fjord Kayaking in Geirangerfjord

Kayaking in a 2 person kayak is a total relationship test! “Go left! No, the other left! Yay, right! No, I mean my right!”. LOL, in addition to literally testing the relationship waters, this is such a great vantage point to see the fjord. You can take a sea-kayaking trip up to the spectacular Seven Sisters Falls. Staring up at these falls & hearing their thunderous rumble is magnificent, while you’re bobbing by the fjord its emptying into.

geiranger kayaking

6. Hiking to Storseterfossen

You’re bound to run into a “fossen” or waterfall at every corner in Fjord country. I saw the prettiest falls in the most random places — middle of a highway or while driving by the countryside; even saw one on a campground! My favorite, was Storseterfossen. These falls are not as well known, they’re relatively secluded & you have to work up a sweat to get to it. Following 1.5–2 hours of steep hiking, past meadows filled with super skittish (& oh so huggable) sheep, you have to descend a few stairs to reap your reward: standing right behind the waterfall! Prepare to get soaked with waterfall mist, hang on to the chains while looking right up at the cliff from which the water is falling. It’s as mesmerizing to see the water flowing steadily as it is to hear it roar excitedly.

storefossen geiranger
storefossen geiranger
Need a Shower? No problem, just hike up to this beauty and stand behind it, while getting drenched and splashed. Just hang on tight! #holdon #waterfall #waterfalls #waterfallhike #hiking #explore #exploremore #exploreeverything #travel #travelgram #travelling #traveling #travelphotography #nature #norway #inspiration #happiness #instamood #instagood #mashpics #thephotosociety #insta #instagram

7. Getting lost in the meandering streets & shops

With local food shops, handicraft & souvenir stores.

geiranger town

8. Eating Norwegian Brown Cheese Chocolate at Geiranger Sjokolade

Sweet. heaven. Norwegian brown cheese is nutty, salty, caramelly perfection. Some genius in Norway decided to throw in a slab with chocolate — hand crafted no less. Fellow deserves the Nobel prize in chemistry. Check out the equally enticing Whisky, Chilli & Lingonberry flavors.

geiranger sjokolade

9. Dalsnibba Viewpoint

The mind melting views at Geiranger’s highest viewpoint are sure to get your Mojo going. I don’t have pictures of this viewpoint, because I decided to spend my time re-visiting the above-said chocolate shop. They stopped saying, “Oh you’re back” after the first few times. I would happily work here, but have a sneaky suspicion I wouldn’t be very good…I’d spend work days “quality-testing” the chocolates by…err, “taste-testing” them. Someone’s gotta do it! #signmeup

10. Driving on Trollstigen Road

With 11 hair pin bends amidst majestic mountain peaks, you’ll feel a little like you’re driving in the Himalayas.

Trollstigen Road

11. Midnight stroll with Norway’s Midnight Sun behind you

Whether you’re staying on campgrounds or a budget hotel or the luxurious Hotel Union Geiranger, you’ll be overcome by an unexplained contentment & peace, just being in the moment, realizing you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

That’s love, right there.

geiranger sunset
Copy of beautiful

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