Beautiful Sunsets Need Cloudy Skies

new zealand

What gives me great joy (when not traveling or eating or dreaming of traveling + eating), is looking back at these pictures. Each picture tells and has a story. This was taken on our way back home from a day out at the spectacular Milford Sound & hike to Marion Falls. We were tired, feet sore, muscles I didn’t know existed where on fire from all that exploring. Just as we were about to pull into the hotel, we drove past an innocuous sign, barely visible from the highway. All I saw was a blur of a footbridge and that was enough to beckon us. Five minutes into walking on the footbridge, we stumbled on this beauty, right in time for sunset. An unexpected surprise on a trip that took months to meticulously plan, on a particularly difficult personal year. And so it is, that to see beautiful sunsets, sometimes, you need to weather cloudy skies.